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Membership has privileges:

Credit Union’s are not-for-profit financial institutions that are typically able to offer better rates and lower fees. The BEE Federal Credit Union has been proudly serving employees of the Wicomico County Board of Education since 1955, and has become the go-to financial institution for Board employees to save funds for the future and borrow funds when needed.

Membership Eligibility:

  • A current employee of the Wicomico County Board of Education (WCBOE)
  • A retiree from the WCBOE
  • An immediate family member of a current employee, or retiree of WCBOE which is defined as: spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild, including stepparents, stepchildren, step-siblings, and adoptive relationships
  • A member of the household, which is defined as persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit with the current employee or retiree of WCBOE
  • A spouse of a member who has died

Under the Federal Credit Union Act, once a person becomes a member of the credit union, such person may remain a member of the credit union until the person chooses to withdraw, or is expelled  from the membership of the credit union by a vote of the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws of the credit union.

Steps To Become a Member:

  • Complete a Member Application Form
  • Submit $5 with your Member Application Form {This is the required share deposit to become a member}
  • Include a copy of your Driver’s License
  • Bring these three (3) items to the BEE Federal Credit Union Office and you can immediately commence to enjoy the many benefits of Membership in the BEE Federal Credit Union

Your Privacy is Important to us:

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